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Digital pigment printing

An innovating and high quality technology, which combines the superior technology of inkjet printers and screen printing inks. The images are printed directly on the fabric, screens are not used which leads to considerable reduction of the costs compared to the expenses of screen printing.
Our digital machines allow you to print both constantly on a roll of fabric with maximum width of 1,60m as well as to do so on a finished or semi-finished garment.
We can make t-shirts with placed print or allover print, but we also work with blouses, pillows, leggings and even woolen and cotton sweaters.

Thermal transfer

Using the thermal transfer makes it possible for us to decorate the garments with: Swarovski crystals, caps, sequins.
Аn additional application of this technology allows the producing of prints with laminated golden or silver effect.


A special digital inkjet plotter recreates an image on a special type of paper for hot transferring. Thereafter, the paper connects with the chosen fabric through hot pressing. During this step of the procedure the color sublimates, it penetrates into the fibers of the fabric and fixes itself permanently to it, guaranteeing bright and rich colors.

Constructing and modeling

We also offer constructing and modeling services, based on the systems Investronica and Lectra.
We create and print markers with maximum width 200 cm. Besides that, we can combine the functions of constructing with the most modern printing techniques, making a file in which the desired graphic is placed in the pattern and after that is digitally printed with sublimation or pigment inks.

About us

We’ve been in Bulgaria since 1989, we started with sewing underwear and outerwear and already we offer the service digital printing on all types of fabric ( cotton, wool, viscose, polyester…) as well as on finished garments ( t-shirts, anoraks, sweaters, pants, leggings, bags, pillows…)
We do work with clothing for men, women and children.
Our machines, being from the highest technological class, allow the applying of wide variety of printing techniques which meet every need.
Besides that, we can decorate your clothes with beads, Swarovski crystals, caps, sequins- in fact, everything that comes to your mind, we do it!
Because for us creativity means to invent, to experiment, to grow, to take risks, to break the rules, but most of all- to have fun.



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